Volcanos, hotsprings, and weird beaches!

Hello peeps,

So as you know this will be our last blog post – although Sam is keen to do a summary blog – so that may happen.  We are currently sitting at Gatwick airport waiting to catch out plane home!

After Athens we caught the ferry to Santorini for a few days of relaxing! The ferry was about 7 hours, although because it started early morning we got a few hours sleep, in chairs so not the best!  Also there are lots of photos in this blog! Sorry!!!



When we first arrived we were greeted by Rena our lovely host who was very welcoming! We had in fact been upgraded to a room with a balcony as well as a hot tub – bonus!


After settling in we went to see one of our first sunsets there in Oia where we are staying, which has the best sunsets in Santorini – there will be plenty of sunset photos!


After this we headed for a delicious dinner at one of the only two places open in the town, with of course plenty of wine!


The next morning after enjoying our breakfast on our balcony, we headed into Thira the main town on the island via the few buses that went.


We wandered around for a bit and had yet more Gyros for lunch.  We also had our first sighting of the island donkeys at work!

IMG_5540Sam then suggested that we headed back to Oia on foot – so we set off on a 3 hour trek!


IMG_5554 IMG_5560

After reaching our accommodation and after a quick break, we again headed to see another sunset and caught up with Gabriella who had also come to Santorini!


The next day we again meet up with Gabriella and headed to Volcano Island, still an active volcano which we walked around for about 1.5 hours.

This is the cat that saw us off at the port and we loved his little moustache and beard!


IMG_5679 IMG_5686 IMG_5689 IMG_5695

We then jumped back on the boat and headed around to the hot springs.  Apparently tourists don’t swim here much in winter but that didn’t stop us!

IMG_5717 IMG_5728 IMG_5731

That’s us – the first into the water which wasn’t too bad!


We then headed back to the main island where I opted to catch a donkey back up the hill – Sam chose to walk – bad decision!!! I happened to have the smallest and fastest donkey – he overtook all the others after starting at the back!

IMG_5738 IMG_5739We then headed back to Oia again and yet another sunset – the best from here to far!

IMG_5798 IMG_5781 IMG_5806 IMG_5807 IMG_5858 IMG_5809On our way home we also got an awesome view of the last night of the full moon!


The next day we decided to brave car driving – which Sam did fantastically – considering he had to drive on the right hand side of the road and in a right hand sided car.

We first checked out a local winery called Cave Wines and undertook some tasting!

IMG_5889 IMG_5878 IMG_5882

We spent the day checking out the beaches – if you can call them beaches as they were mostly rocks!!!

1st beach – Kamari was black sand


2nd beach was Red Beach – was a little scary due to the no entry falling rocks – which we ignored – we learnt later that at least 1 tourist a year dies here – oops! The beach was red and black stones.

IMG_5919 IMG_5910 IMG_5899

3rd beach was white beach – which was just white rocks


We also saw some donkeys hard at work on the farm!


We then headed to the other end of the island for our last sunset near the lighthouse.  We were the only ones here and it was perfect – so I think we enjoyed this better than the ones at Oia that had about 30 people each night!

IMG_5957 IMG_5946

We then headed to a restaurant for dinner – alas I got served off prawns, however the beers were locally brewed and delicious!


The next day we headed into Thira to do a little shopping before we caught our plane back to London!

Yesterday we spent the day at the museum which was pretty cool, although very big and tiring – I haven’t uploaded any photos from here!

We then caught up with Ben for a few (a lot) of beers – of which Sam is still suffering!

Today we checked out Portabello Road and then Oxford Street before heading to the airport!

Looking forward to being home soon!

Love Jods


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